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Learn ISO Requirements for Pipette Service

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The ISO: 17025 Calibration Accreditation is applied to many industries such as Aerospace, Wind, or Solar.  It is not specific to the process of pipette calibration.  The most accurate and precise pipette calibration service is delivered by a vendor who follows the specific ISO:8655 procedure for pipette calibration.   Curious about the details?

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To Summarize, ISO:8655 leads to:

  • Controlling vibration, humidity, and temperature.
  • Use of stationary 6 and 7 place balances for low volume pipettes.
  • A ISO approved calibration process.
  • A calibration with the lowest measurement uncertainty.  A trusted calibration!

TTE's Quality Brand: GMP Select

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Starting with calibration, TTE applies a commitment of quality to every liquid handling product or service we provide, all from a Brand Neutral Perspective.

"GMP Select" means:

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Instead of insisting you comply to our program or service plan, we understand your unique laboratory requirements,  needs, and challenges.  We'll develop a complete service program for all your instruments


  • We can deliver 24 Hour Service Nationwide with Shipping Incentives
  • We can add our Onsite Service for Basic Research Pipettes
  • We can calibrate your equipment to your Custom Specifications

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Very fast and affordable pipette calibrations. Easy to use and helpful. Did all things above expectations.

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Great service from TTE. They were quick to reply to all of my questions/concerns and were incredibly helpful throughout the calibration process. 24-hour turnaround meant our workflow went uninterrupted.

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