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We know your pipettes belong in your Lab

Keeping your lab on schedule with quality instrumentation is at the heart of everything we do.  We'll complete work on your pipettes in 24 Hours, or even faster if necessary!
Call us now at 800-242-6022, or check out our options:

Quick: 24 Hour Service

Our Standard Service,  At No Additional Cost
  • Complete our Calibration Service Form by clicking here.
  • Place a quick call to our dedicated scheduling team at 800-242-6022 to secure a calibration date, confirming your 24 Hour Service Turnaround.
  • You ship your pipettes to us for arrival on the scheduled date.
  • We provide a comprehensive ISO 8655-based calibration, repair and preventative maintenance service – all within 24 hours.
  • We ship your pipettes back to you, according to your shipping instructions specified on the form.  
  • You smile with satisfaction as you conduct critical measurements in your lab!

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Quickest: Same Day Service*

If your time is valuable, we'll make these plans with you.  You must call us to arrange this service, and you must follow these instructions.  SHIPPING CUSTOMERS ONLY.
  • Complete your Pipette Calibration Service Form by clicking here.  Check the Same Day Service Box!
  • Place a call to us at 800-242-6022 to secure a calibration date, securing your SAME DAY Service Turnaround, and discuss the process.
  • You ship your pipettes to arrive on the scheduled date using NEXT DAY EARLY AM Service, with the carrier of your choice.  We accept FedEx and UPS.
  • We complete a comprehensive ISO 8655-based calibration, repair and preventative maintenance service – all during the SAME DAY, your pre-scheduled arrival day, 8am-4pm.
  • We initiate an overnight shipment of your pipettes before 4pmEST using  UPS EARLY AM.
  • Your pipettes arrive on time, the next morning, and your lab stays on schedule!
  • EXAMPLE: Including overnight shipping to and from your company, total turnaround can be a Monday afternoon to Wednesday morning!

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Complete Onsite Service

We'll come to you

TTE has onsite service options for any amount or type of pipette. Our offers include:

  • Onsite Logistics Services.  We'll gather, decontaminate, count, organize and transport for you!
  • Onsite Calibration Services:  Done in your space if required by your company

Call us today to discuss the details:  800-242-6022.

Protective Packaging Service Packs

We Listen

TTE has packaging options for any amount or type of pipettes. The Pack includes:

  • Foam packaging designed for safe shipping of single channel and multichannel pipettes.
  • Easy Step by Step instructions right in the box.
  • Free UPS Ground Shipping (must meet eligibility requirements for volume)
  • Boxes for any number of single channel and multi-channel pipettes!
  • View our SLIDE SHOW - send 60 single channel pipettes easily and safely!

Complete the form, and let us know how many pipettes you plan to send.  We'll send you a Service Pack for arrival tomorrow!


Expert Repair of All Makes and Models

We'll repair your instruments according to your needs:

TTE stocks OEM parts for all makes and models of pipette for repairs done quickly and correctly. Repairs usually fall into one of four categories:

  • JUST DO IT. If the repair is routine and low cost, and you need your instrument back, we'll simply conduct the repair and return the instrument, adding the nominal cost of the parts to your invoice.
  • WE GET YOUR YES FIRST. If the repair costs approach 50% of the replacement value, we'll contact you before proceeding.
  • NOT WORTH IT. If the repair cost is not economically wise, we'll return your faulty instrument to you, and our sales team will provide the best option for a trade-in.
  • WANT A QUOTE? Send us your instrument.  We'll evaluate your instrument for a small fee and provide a detailed quote for repair. If you elect to proceed, we'll waive the fee and conduct the repair. If you opt out, we'll be glad to return the instrument to you.

With a 29 year history of keeping customers happy, you can trust us.


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*Additional Fees apply for Same Day Services.

Talk to us.

The Quality of Pipette Calibration Providers vary greatly in today's marketplace.  Schedule a short call with us.  We'll discuss your unique lab needs, share our insights, and recommend the best pipette calibration service for your lab.  Complete the form, and we'll be in touch shortly.

Very convenient! I got all my pipettes calibrated in TTE in the past 5 years. They did a wonderful job including pick up, calibrating, fixing and on time delivery. Strongly recommended!

Xin Local Biotech Company

I've been using TTE for over 20 years for pipette calibration and repair. They are prompt, courteous and very willing to accommodate our schedule. I can always count on them to do excellent work and to use genuine parts for our pipettes.

Deanna Lexington MA Biotech Company