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Unmatched Repair Expertise of All Pipettes

More than Calibration

A history of 29 years with all makes and models of pipette gives us the experience we need to deliver the most comprehensive service package to our customers.  There isn't a pipette we can't help you with.

Our Staff:

  • Is fully trained to finish over 95% of required repairs during our 24 Hour Service Time
  • Will notify you of expensive repairs, and recommend the best next action.
  • Will handle sending instruments to the OEM on your behalf, saving you time.

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PM during every service

We assume that your work is critical

 Pipettes are mechanical devices that require thorough care and attention.  That's why every pipette you send us, unless you direct otherwise, receives a full preventative maintenance. We follow manufacturer's recommendations and our 29 year experience with every make and model.  We won't leave you wondering if you can trust your instrument!  The following video walks you through our process, including an example of our multi-channel PM Service:


Our Process:

  • Includes a full Quality Control check after service.
  • Includes a 6 month guarantee.
  • Includes full cleaning, parts replacement if necessary, and refurbishment.

Pipette Trade-ins and Upgrades

Purchasing Advice From a Brand Neutral Perspective

We're completely focused on our customer's success.  Since we are not a manufacturer, our customers are at the center of everything we do.  After servicing thousands of pipettes a year in our lab, our technical sales representatives can offer valuable insights into what brands of pipettes for your lab to invest in, and our service customers receive preferred pricing at on every product.  Check it out:

We are committed to:

  • Providing trusted advice, not an agenda-filled sales pitch.
  • Applying the best known instruments to your unique applications.
  • Educating you on the pitfalls and advantages of each brand before you buy

Expert Consulting

Servicing every make and model of pipette for over 29 years gives us the unique expertise needed to help you decide what pipettes to invest in, which to use for a particular application, or many other topics.  Talk to us today, and we'll offer our free advice, derived from a partner that services the most stringent laboratories in the USA.

The past few years that I have been using TTE for my pipette calibrations have been a pleasure. They are always prompt and courteous with arranging pickups and returns of pipettes. The pipettes always come back packed safely in TTE provided boxes. If there are any that have been sent in that require additional service that cannot be completed next day, a note is included in the return box. I calibrate my pipettes on a 6 month schedule and they have never failed to contact me beforehand to schedule a time that would be most convenient for me. Overall, a superb service!

Jessica Local MA Biotech Company

I have been working with TTE to calibrate pipettes for the past 3 years. They have done a great job! They are flexible to my schedule and needs. Their customer service is fantastic!

Siva Lexington MA