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TTE's Pipette Management Platform echo logo_hubspot

More than a database, we directly collaborate with you through a secure portal providing you real-time visibility into your entire pipette inventory, and all service work we do for you.  Simplify the tasks and reduce the time necessary to manage your calibrations, and gain real-time insights with customized KPI reports.


Secure Access to Critical Documents-24/7

Paperless Pipette Certificates-Secure in the Cloud

No more file cabinets or endless searches.  Locate or store 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant certificates with a simple search.

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  •  Instantly identify performance trends
  • Easy to read, and you'll always be Audit Ready
  • Quick access to service history
  • Lock down changes with gated permissions

There is so much more functionality we'd love to show you.  

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Automatic Service Reminders

Set it up, let it run.  Use your time wisely.

Echo delivers automated SMS or email notifications to key contacts within your organization when their pipettes are due, over due, delivered, and several other triggers, creating an efficient communication tool that saves time, and keeps everyone informed.  No more email chains!

  • Notifications about calibration order status to anyone in your company.
  • Immediate alerts for OOT failures for QA or repair issues for end users.
  • Inform and empower lab designates to submit their pipettes  for service.

Efficient Inventory Management

Automatic Cost Controls Built In...

With better data, you can cut costs by controlling the number of pipettes, and implementing a proactive replacement plan based on your scientist's needs, industry trends, and TTE's Brand Neutral Advice.  Excessive pipettes can result in more errors.  Our calculator can show you what your costs may be today...

Use The Calculator

  • Know exactly how many pipettes are active and needed in each lab group
  • Monitor the lifecycle of each instrument in real-time, monitoring depreciation
  • Upgrade your pipettes based on data driven decisions, and control costs

Get your Guide to Pipette Management

Experience what a well organized pipette asset management program can look like.  Download our short brochure on the details.

Echo Brochure

Great customer service. I have worked with a number of pipette calibration/repair companies and TTE is the best by far! They work with you in developing your program and help streamline where they can. Our program has gone from scattered and random to organized with little effort on my end. I recommend them to anyone seeking a great vendor relationship!

Kimberly Local Biotech Company

I've worked with TTE to calibrate the hundreds of pipettes we have in the lab for about 5 years now. They do a great job and I've never had any issues. They're super flexible with billing issues, and they always get the pipettes done when they say they will. If there's an issue with one that requires further attention they give you a call and leave a note in the return box explaining the problem and they take care of the rest. Overall a great company to work with!

Tara Local Large Biotech