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Pipetting Errors are Preventable

70% of all Pipette Error is due to the User

TTE Laboratories is passionate about partnering with our customers to reduce costs, especially residual costs due to techniques and other issues caused by users.  Our onsite training and consulting services provide the insights and corrective actions you need to protect your critical processes from these costs.

We offer trainings that:

    • Enforce your SOP's for various assays and procedures that are pipette dependent.
    • Create a private one-on-one setting where technique deficiencies can be identified, documented and quickly corrected by the trainer.
    • Standardize best technique practices, and begin a lab conversation that lasts well after training is completed.
    • Discover the use of different types of liquid handling instruments that can empower your team  to execute with greater efficiency, accuracy, and precision.
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Its Worth It. Calculate the Savings Here

The Benefits are Larger than you think

If sample is limited, and assays are expensive due to reagent cost, the stakes are high for your pipetting skills!  We've developed a simple cost calculator that you can use to calculate the savings your lab could experience once everyone is pipetting accurately.

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Webinar or OnSite Options

We'll fit into your busy schedule

Who has time for training these days?  TTE's  trainings operate on your schedule and budget restrictions.  Bring us onsite for a one-on-one experience, or cover the do's and don'ts with pipettes in a convenient webinar.


  • We're not a manufacturer, so this isn't a cloaked sales pitch.  
  • Our Webinar option is a one hour meeting, available M-F at a time that works for you.
  • All participants get a certificates at the conclusion of each training.
  • Build company culture, and make it a contest complete with trophies!  See examples here

View a Sample Training Certificate

View a Sample Data Report 


Difficult Liquids or Other Challenges?

We'll dive in to your issues with you

Over the last several years of trainings, our team has encountered labs with unique pipetting challenges, especially when pipetting viscous or sticky liquids.  We're ready for the conversation, an we have some advice.

Recent trainings included:

  • Labs seeking to regulate how assays are run between different shifts of workers.
  • Pipetting viscous fluid with great accuracy and precision.
  • Recommendations of the Best Pipetting Tools for various applications.

Download our Training Offers

Complete the form below to understand TTE's Training Offers, the costs, and the scope of work.  We're flexible!  We want to cover the unique challenges you face, and design a training to meet your needs.   Calibration Customers receive a significant discount on our trainings.

TTE has been a great resource for all of our departments pipette issues and has recently been involved in providing informative training on proper pipette usage and handling. TTE has also suggested some new pipette technologies that would benefit our department as well. They are a great asset to have for any company looking for pipette service and for ordering new pipettes.

Mike QC Chemistry, Framingham MA